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Draft Minutes of the Most Recent Parish Council Meeting

For the avoidance of doubt readers are please asked to note the following caveat in relation to minutes published here:

For the sake of topicality, immediacy and relevance the Parish Council publishes here the “unapproved” draft minutes of the most recent of its meetings. These minutes will not normally be “approved” until the next meeting of the Parish Council and therefore, are not the formal minutes of record. The minutes published here may contain unintended errors or inaccuracies and therefore may be subject to correction and amendment at the next meeting.

DRAFT MINUTES OF 2019 ANNUAL MEETING jfs(These will be approved at the 2020 Annual Parish Meeting)

Draft Minutes 7th January 2020 Underskiddaw Parish Minutes

2018-19 (Finance & Accounts)

Please note the 18-19 documents below have been formally approved by Underskiddaw Parish Council at their meeting held on the 14th May 2019. 

As an authority with a  turnover of less than £25,000 Underskiddaw Parish Council has certified itself as an exempt authority from external audit.

To view the Exemption Certificate please click below

Certificate of Exemption Underskiddaw

The period for public rights relating to Underskiddaw Parish Council accounts year ending 31st March 2019 commences as of the 17th June 2019.

For further details of electors rights please click below:

Summary of auditors rights

To view the completed Annual Governance and Accountability Return please click below:

Underskiddaw AGAR Completed 1819

Underskiddaw Cashbook 1819

Underskiddaw Accounts 1819

Underskiddaw PC Bank Rec 1819

Underskiddaw Explanation of Variances 1819

2017-18 (Finance & Accounts)

Underskiddaw Annual Governance Review 1718 (And certificate of exemption)

Guidance for Electors Rights

Underskiddaw Notice of Auditors Rights

Underskiddaw Parish Council Accounts YE 310318

Underskiddaw Parish Council Cashbook 1718

Audit Calculations & Variances 2017-18

Bank Reconciliation Ye 31st March 2018 Underskiddaw Parish Council


Jan 2020 BiMonthly Agenda

Jan 20 Clerks Report

12th Nov 2019 BiMonthly Agenda

Nov 19 Clerks Report

10th Sept 2019 BiMonthly Agenda

Sept 19 Clerks Report

July 2019 BiMonthly Agenda

July 19 Clerks Report

Underskiddaw Parish Council May 2019 BiMonthly Agenda

May 19 Clerks Report

14th May 2019 BiMonthly Agenda

March 19 BiMonthly Agenda

March 19 Clerks Report

15th Jan 19 Underskiddaw Parish Council Bi-Monthly Agenda

Jan 19 Clerks Report

20th Nov 2018 BiMonthly Agenda

Nov 18 Clerks Report

25th Sept 2018 BiMonthly Agenda

Sept 18 Clerks Report

24th July 2018 Bi Monthly Agenda

July 18 Clerks Report

Annual Parish Meeting 29th May AGENDA 2018

29th May 2018 Bi Monthly Agenda

May 18 Clerks Report

20th March 2018 Agenda

March 18 Clerks Report

16th January 2018 Agenda

Jan 18 Clerks Report

21st November 2017 Agenda

Nov 17 Clerks Report

12th September 2017 Agenda

Sept 17 Clerks Report

11 July 2017 Agenda

July 17 Clerks Report

Annual Parish Meeting 9th May 2017 Agenda

Annual Council Meeting 9th May 2017 14:30 Agenda

May 17 Clerks Report

28th March 2017 Agenda

March 17 Clerks Report

17th January 2017 Agenda

15th November 2016 Agenda

20th September 2016 Agenda

16 July 2016 Agenda

Annual Parish Meeting AGENDA 2016

Annual Council Meeting 2016 Agenda

Agenda March 16

March 16 Clerks Report

Agenda Feb 16

Agenda Jan 16

Jan 16 Clerks Report

Agenda Nov 15

Nov 15 Clerks Report

Agenda Sept 15

Sept 15 Clerks Report

Agenda July 15

July 15 Clerks Report

Annual Council Meeting AGENDA- 12th MAY 2015 

May 15 Clerks Report

Annual Parish Meeting AGENDA 12th May 2015




Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016-17

Issues arising from Audit 16-17

BDO Audit Form 16-17 (Including Governance Statements, Internal Audit Report & End of Year Accounts)  (Please note this is un-audited at this stage). This has now been signed off by the External Auditor- Sept 17

Notice of Electors Rights 16-17

Underskiddaw Accounts YE 310317

Underskiddaw Bank Reconciliation YE 3103017

Underskiddaw Parish Council Variances Annual Return 16-17 FINAL

Underskiddaw Parish Council Cashbook 2016-17

Underskiddaw Asset Register 2017

Previous years

BDO Notice of Completion of Audit and S1-3 Audit Form

Underskiddaw Parish Council Notice for Period of Exercise of Public Rights (Accounts 31/5/16)

BDO Annual Return Documents YE 310316

Underskiddaw Parish Council Cashbook 15-16


Underskiddaw Parish Council Variances Annual Return 15-16 FINAL

Notice of completion of audit 15

Underskiddaw BDO Annual Return & Supporting Documents

Underskiddaw Parish Council ACCOUNTS FINAL 2014-2015

Underskiddaw Parish Council Cashbook Yr/e March 15

Variances Annual Return 14-15 FINAL


Underskiddaw Financial Regs April 2016