Parish Council

The Parish Council has existed in its present form since 1984 when the Local Government Act standardised the various arrangements that had existed since medieval times. The Council consists of 7 members with a Chairman elected by them and a Clerk appointed by them. Members of public are always made very welcome and an opportunity is given for them to contribute.

To view the Parish Plan for the area click: Underskiddaw Parish Plan FINAL

In addition if required the Parish Council also meets as a planning committee to consider and agree responses from the Lake District National Park Authority for observations on applications for planning permission. Members of the public are welcome to attend planning committee meetings as well.

Future meeting dates are (at at 14:00 in the Church Rooms)

25th September 2018

20th November 2018

Notice of meetings (including agendas) will be posted on this website and on the two noticeboards in the Parish (one at Thurshwood Bus Stop, and one on the Applethwaite ‘Barn Door’l).

Thrushwood board and box

If you would like to be included on a mailing list for notice of meetings please contact Becx Carter (Parish Clerk) on

Freedom of Information Act

A list of the information available to the public from the Underskiddaw Parish Council under the Model Publication Scheme can be viewed here