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Skiddaw and road LScape

The villages of Applethwaite & Millbeck can be reached by turning right of the A591 Carlisle Road- just north of the A66 as it bypasses Keswick. Thrushwood is on the A591 abut 200 years from the roundabout on the A66.

The Parish of Underskiddaw lies close to Keswick, as can be seen on the below map.


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Underskiddaw Parish Council has a population of in the region of 265, spread across approximately 130 households.

Underskiddaw lies within the Allerdale Borough Council area, and is also part of Cumbria County Council locality.

For more information on the Parish including information on the:

-Equality & prosperity


-Housing & the build environment

-Transport & Connectivity


-Environmental Issues


It can be found with the Rural Community profile for Underskiddaw Parish as produced by Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) Rural Evidence project. A copy of which can be found here.