Welcome to the website for the community of Underskiddaw Parish Council area. If you feel you have any suggestions on how we can improve this website or would like to contribute to the websites development please contact the parish clerk (Becx Carter) on underskiddawparishclerk@hotmail.com.

The Parish of Underskiddaw is a civil parish with an elected Parish Council situated within the Allerdale Borough Council area of Cumbria. The entire parish lies within the Lake District National park.

This website is a community facility established and maintained by Underskiddaw Parish Council for the purposes of transparency in all Parish Council matters.

All meetings are open to the public and there is a section on every agenda for public participation if you would like to raise any issues/concerns.

Parish Council elections 2023

All Parish Councils go through the election process, the next electoral cycle will be in 2027

Underskiddaw Parish Council has been declared an uncontested election in the May 2023 elections.

For further information please view the Underskiddaw Uncontested Election Notice Dated 05 04 2023

Meeting Dates

Generally Underskiddaw Parish Council Meetings take place on at 16:30 on a Tuesday afternoon every second month.

If you want to contact the Parish Council, please contact the Clerk on underskiddawparishclerk@hotmail.com

**9th February 2024 UPDATE-

Underskiddaw Parish Council has 7 seats for parish councillors. However there have been 3 recent resignations so there are now 2 Parish Councillors remaining, their details are given below along with the vacancy notices for the 3 Parish Councillors who have resigned and there are now vacancies for 4 parish councillors.


14th May 2024 16:30- Underskiddaw Church Room

16th July 2024 16:30- Underskiddaw Church Room

17th September 2024 16:30 – Underskiddaw Church Room

19th November 2024 16:30- Underskiddaw Church Room

21st January 2025 16:30- Underskiddaw Church Room