Parish Councillors

Contact Information for the Parish Council:

The primary contact for Underskiddaw Parish Council is the Clerk.

** Please note that the Parish Clerk has resigned and as of the 22nd February 2024 it is unclear who will be administering the Parish Council**


Contact Details for Underskiddaw Parish Councillors

Underskiddaw Parish Council has 7 seats for parish councillors. However there have been 3 recent resignations so there are now 2 Parish Councillors remaining, their details are given below along with the vacancy notices for the 3 Parish Councillors who have resigned. 

Underskiddaw Parish Council is now not quorate and therefore can’t legally function or take any decisions (and will be without a Clerk from the 22nd February 2024). This will be discussed at full meeting of Cumberland Council in March 2024 at which point Cumberland Council will appoint Cumberland Councillors to Underskiddaw Parish Council to allow it function again. 

Councillor Email Address Phone Number
Jan Boniface 017687 73693
Diane Griffiths 07732 607818

Notice of Vacancy D Horsburgh 22nd January 2024

Notice of Vacancy E Barker 23rd January 2024

Notice of Vacancy Jana Lambert 23rd January 2024

Following the Localism Act 2011 parish and town councillors are required to disclose their Pecuniary and other registrable interests. These are available to download as a pdf by clicking on the councillors name.