Church Room

View of Church Room

The Church Room in the Parish of Underskiddaw

This little church was built in 1829 by Daniel Dover- the owner of the Millbeck woollen mill as a Sunday School for the children of mill-workers in the parish. A plaque to Daniel Dover, who lived at Millbeck Place, is inside the building.

Before the Village Hall was built the Parish Council used the Church Room for their Church Noticemeetings. Today the Church Room is part of Crosthwaite Church in Keswick and there are several services a every month. It is open daily in Summer of everyone to enjoy.

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The Church Room is a simple, plain building but a chancel was added & dedicated in 1937. In addition to the plaque to Daniel Dover there are also memorials to Mr C W Kaye of Millbeck Towers and to Miss Magee who taught Sunday School for 54 years.

View from Church RoomThe view from just outside the Church Room is overwhelmingly beautiful- sweeping from the northwestern fells above Braithwaite to the Borrowdale fells encircling Derwentwater to Latrigg overlooking Keswick with the Helvellyn range in the distance. Just that portion of the view across Applethwaite is shown here.